Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence

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Mail: Contact us TIRF Flow System Accessory for Fluorometers Fluorogazer.pdf

Chemically modified and biologically functionalized TIRF and TIRF-EC slides and TIRF and TIRF-EC lightguides

TIRF Coverslips & Lightguides

0.17mm X 22&24mm X 40mm

TIRF Prisms

dovetail and semisphere

TIRF Slides & Lightguides

1mm X 25mm X 76mm & 38mm

Glass, Silica, and Sapphire

low autofluorescence slides and coverslips ITO and SnO2 coatings

Bioassay Development

TIRF Microarray Printing

Real-time Microarrays

for Molecular Diagnostics and Analysis of Biomolecular Interactions

MCI-7000 iDiagnostics
Cellphone-based i
TIRF microarrays lgTIRF2016.pdf puTIRF2016.pdf